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Celebrating Summer at Pike & Rose

The last time we visited Pike & Rose was almost two whole years ago.  Not only has our family grown in that time, but their budding development has exploded in size!

As we jostled for a parking space on Saturday afternoon, we marveled at all the new additions to Pike and Rose. You’ll find everything from an iPic movie theater to camping gear at REI and shiny new cars at Porsche to relaxing pedicures at Red Door Spa.

We were there just in time for lunch at Bibibop Asian Grill, an up and coming Korean-inspired restaurant that features Build-Your-Own Bibimbap bowls.  I love a good rice bowl and we were all curious to see how they measured up to the yummy Korean food we were use to.  Since it’s a quick service restaurant, the lines moved rapidly as customers told staff exactly wanted on their plates.  Rice, salad, noodles, or wraps were the base choices; then you selected your hot toppings (bean sprouts, beans and/or diced potatoes)protein (chicken, steak and/or tofu), your cold toppings (shredded carrots, daikon, cucumber, cheese, etc), and your sauce.  Since we have four in our family, we were able to try a variety of combinations. But, the winner at least among us was a bowl, layered with rice, bean sprouts, chicken, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, eggs, and cucumber wasabi sauce (which is not spicy at all!).  It was delicious and gone within a few minutes!

There is plentiful seating in the two-story Bibibop restaurant; but, since we have two active little ones, we chose to take our meal to-go and sit outside. This summer, Pike & Rose debuted a beach oasis at the far-end of their property. Open daily, there are fun tables and chairs set inside a gigantic sandbox where families can congregate. Our kids had the time of their life building sand castles, while we enjoyed a few minutes to talk un-distracted!

Just a block away from Bibibop is a very conveniently positioned Tutti-Frutti Frozen Yogurt that specializes in serve-yourself dessert bowls. You can put a tiny sampling of all 10+ flavors of frozen yogurt in your cup like my daughter wanted to do or you can be boring like us and select only one.   But, whatever you do, don’t forget to leave room for all the delicious topping choices – healthy things like diced fruit or kid-magnet options like sprinkles and chocolate!  Regardless, you can’t go wrong with a refreshing cup of frozen yogurt when it’s 100 degrees outside.

We were pretty stuffed by the end but there were still so.many.shops to check out!  John thought the kayaks at REI Coop were calling his name, Miss A drooled over all the accessories at Scout and Molly’s Boutique, and I’m all fired up to take a cooking class at Sur la Table now. Pike & Rose is such a fun, summer experience for the whole family – after all, it’s hard to go wrong with delicious food and a little retail therapy!


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